TUESDAY, JANUARY 16, 2018
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Ukraine seeks international help in trade dispute with Russia

KIEV, Jan. 30 – Ukraine asked an international veterinary watchdog for assistance in settling an escalating dispute with Russia over meat and dairy imports, an official said Monday.

TNK-BP’s Ukrainian oil refinery may soon shut operation on losses

KIEV, Jan. 30 – TNK-BP, a Russian oil major, warned Monday it may shut its Ukrainian oil refinery within weeks amid complains it had been struggling to compete with cheap gasoline imports amid high oil prices. The shutdown of Linos, Ukraine’s second largest oil refinery by capacity, may put upward pressure on domestic gasoline prices and would be ill-timed

RosUkrEnergo to disclose owners, PM says

KIEV, Jan. 30 - RosUkrEnergo AG, a Swiss-based natural gas trader supplying about a half of Ukraine’s annual gas needs, may Tuesday disclose its real shareholders, Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov said Monday.

Ukraine may face another gas prices hike in July, supplier says

KIEV, Jan. 30 – Ukraine will probably face another hike in natural gas prices later this year after its key gas supplier on Monday had refused to guarantee steady prices through the end of the year. The revelations may challenge the government of Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov

Ukraine’s forex reserves sufficient to back hryvnia, minister says

KIEV, Jan. 30 – Ukraine has sufficient hard currency reserves to support the hryvnia, which has been recently facing a downward pressure due to rapidly worsening balance of payments, an official said Monday.

Central European nations seek to cut energy dependence on Russia

BUDAPEST, Jan. 30 – Eight Central European countries met in Budapest on Friday seeking ways to reduce dependence on Russian natural gas supplies after Gazprom had turned off supplies early January, a newswire reported.

IMF Senior Rep sees 5%-6% growth this year for Ukraine economy

KIEV, Jan. 27 - The Ukrainian economy may soon recover from the shock of the presidential election and grow 5% to 6% this year under the influence of a favorable external situation and growing domestic market, according to International Monetary Fund Senior Representative Jeffrey Franks.

Bill by Sen. Lugar would cancel Jackson-Vanik restrictions

KIEV, Jan. 27 - U.S. Senator Richard Lugar has officially submitted to the U.S. Senate a bill canceling application of the Jackson-Vanik amendment to Ukraine, so as to establish normal trade relations with the country on a permanent and unconditional basis.

Berezovsky move to Ukraine likely to ruffle Kremlin feathers

LONDON, Jan. 30 - Boris Berezovsky, a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Saturday that he wants to leave Britain for Ukraine -- a move likely to ruffle the Kremlin's feathers, Reuters reported.

Kiev City Council suspends $1 billion land deal for Kuchma cronies

KIEV, Jan. 27 – Kiev City Council suspended Thursday four earlier decisions that had given away up to $1 billion worth of land in the capital to loyalists of former President Leonid Kuchma.

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