FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2018
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Ukraine may need new IMF bailout program

LONDON, May 21 - Ukraine is likely to need a new IMF bailout program in the coming years to plug an up to $5.5 billion-a-year hole in its finances, Reuters reported Monday citing the Institute of International Finance. | More

Russias Nord Stream 2 aims to destroy Europes unity, Poroshenko says

KYIV, May 21 Russia's gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 is a geopolitical project of the Kremlin, which has nothing to do with economic and business interests, but aims to destroy the unity of Europe, President Petro Poroshenko said. | More

Ukrainian companies struggle tapping foreign capital markets

KYIV, May 21 The change of the situation on the foreign capital market at the end of April and the further worsening in May temporarily weakened the potential of Ukrainian issuers to carry out loan transactions, Managing Partner of ICU Investment Group Makar Paseniuk said. | More

Russia may keep moving gas via Ukraine

SOCHI, May 18 - Russias President Vladimir Putin said Friday that gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine may continue even after the launch of a new prospective Germany-bound pipeline under the Baltic Sea, The Associated Press reported. | More

Ukraine International Airlines adds one new Boeing 737 to its fleet

KYIV, May 18 Ukraine International Airlines (UIA, Kyiv) has expanded its fleet with one more new Boeing 737-800 Next Generation plane, which was delivered to the Boryspil airport from the plant of Boeing Concern in Seattle on Wednesday, May 16. | More

Managers complain about plans to hike scrap metal export duty

KYIV, May 18 Top managers of the Ukrainian Association of Scrap Metals and Resources (UAVtormetresurs) said plans by metal sector lobbyists to extend the export duty on scrap ferrous metal and increase it from EUR 30 per ton to EUR 42 per ton are anti-competitive, which puts both Ukrainian business and Turkish enterprises, the key buyer of Ukrainian scrap, at disadvantage. | More

Russian stirring Poland-Ukraine tensions

WARSAW, May 17 Poland has detained a Russian woman who was part of a pro-Russian group that sought to whip up tension between Poland and Ukraine, Reuters reported Thursday citing the national agency for internal security ABW. | More

World Bank: Land reform will help Ukraine earn $1.5-bln/year more

KYIV, May 17 - The land reform will have a comprehensive impact on the Ukrainian economy and will bring tangible economic growth of up to $1.5 billion annually, World Bank Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Satu Kahkonen said. | More

Foreign firm bids to lease Chornobyl land to build massive solar power plant

KYIV, May 17 - A foreign company has submitted its bid for a tender to lease part of the engineering facility of Chornobyl nuclear power plant's cooling system with an area of 2.5 million square meters for the construction of a solar power plant, said the State Property Fund (SPF) of Ukraine has said in the Vidomosti Pryvatyzatsii privatization bulletin. | More

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