WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 2019
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Number of Ukrainian Instagram users up 50.7% to 11 million in 2018

KYIV, March 26 The number of Ukrainian Instagram social network users in 2018 grew by 50.7%, to 11 million (7.4 million in 2017), according to PlusOne digital agency's posting on its website. | More

Coal deal under investigation for graft

KYIV, March 25 - Ukrainian police are investigating two companies and a factory over a coal deal which some anti-corruption campaigners say epitomizes the difficulties of doing business in the east European country, Reuters reported. | More

Zelenskiy: Friends, colleagues are funding $70-mln presidential campaign

KYIV, March 25 Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky, who is also a front-runner at upcoming presidential election, said his friends and colleagues are mostly funding his $70-million campaign. | More

Ukraine may delay scheduled gas price increase after May 1, Poroshenko says

KYIV, March 25 European natural gas prices are lower-than-expected allowing Ukraine to refrain from increasing gas prices for households on May 1, President Petro Poroshenko said. | More

European gas prices are lower vs. Russias suggested price cut

KYIV, March 25 Naftogaz Ukrayiny in March bought natural gas in the European Union at $226 per 1,000 cubic meters, which is 6-13% cheaper than the price declared by Viktor Medvedchuk ($240-260 per 1,000 cubic meters) that could be offered by Gazprom under a contract with Ukraine. | More

VR Capital Group mulls investments in Ukraines wind power sector

KYIV, March 25 VR Capital Group (the United States) is identifies investment opportunities in Ukraine's wind power sector, mulling several projects now, VR Capital Group President Richard Deitz said. | More

ICU seeks to launch unsorted solid household waste treatment plant in Ukraine

KYIV, March 25 The ICU Group seeks to launch the largest unsorted solid household waste treatment plant in Ukraine in Zhytomyr using the MBT technology (mechanical, biological and thermal treatment of solid municipal waste), ICU Managing Partner Makar Paseniuk said. | More

Poroshenko says will accept any result at presidential election

KYIV, March 25 - President Petro Poroshenko said he will accept any result of the presidential election in Ukraine, even if he is to lose the election.

"I am ready to accept the victory of the Ukrainian people, because fair elections are a victory for the Ukrainian people, whoever wins," he said in an interview with the Ukraina TV on Friday. | More

Zelensky vows to restart judicial system, boost confidence in state

KYIV, March 25 Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky, the front-runner in upcoming presidential election, said he will improve investment climate by restarting the judicial system and restoring confidence in the state. He said he would offer a "zero declaration" and "tax amnesty" for business. | More

Ukraine's debt payments due at $15.7 billion in 2019: NBU

KYIV, March 22 Ukraine's payments on gross external debt in 2019 will be $15.7 billion, according to data on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU). | More

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