THURSDAY, JULY 19, 2018
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Ukraines commitments for WTO accession
Journal Staff Report

GENEVA, Feb. 5 Ukraine has undertaken the following commitments for the accession to the World Trade Organization:

Market access for goods

As outlined in Ukraines market access schedules, Ukraine will have its customs duties capped at rates ranging between zero and 50% (bound rates). Some bindings involve reductions phased in over a period of up to 2013.

Ukraines average tariff bindings are 10.66% for agricultural products and 4.95% for industrial goods.

The highest tariffs Ukraine may apply are on items such as sugar (50%) and sunflower seed oil (30%). Other products with tariff ceilings of 25% include certain radio-broadcast receivers, catgut, and certain conveyor/transmission belts.

Product categories with lower tariffs that will initially or eventually be eliminated include civil aircraft, construction equipment, distilled spirits, certain types of fish, pharmaceuticals, certain chemicals and petroleum oils, medical equipment, wood, pulp & paper, certain yarn and fabric, certain base metals, steel, information technology products (ITA), furniture, and toys.

Ukraine has agreed not to apply any other duties and charges beyond its ordinary customs duties.

In agriculture, Ukraine has agreed not to subsidize exports. Ukraine will limit its trade-distorting domestic support provided to farmers to 3.04 billion hryvnias ($613 million) as well as an allowance of 5% of the value of domestic agricultural production.

As with all WTO members, Ukraine will have no spending limits on domestic support programs that have no or minimal impact on trade, provided these programs meet the criteria laid down in the Agreement on Agriculture.

Ukraine will open a tariff quota on raw cane sugar (260 000 metric tons annually, and increasing to 267 000 metric tons by 2010). This quota will be administered on a first-come first-served basis within 3 years of accession.

Market access for services

Ukraine has made specific commitments in all 11 core service sectors including business services, communication services, construction and related engineering services, distribution, education and environmental services, financial services (insurance and banking), health and social services, tourism and travel, recreational, cultural and sporting services, and transport services as well as in other areas including beauty, hairdressing, spa and massage services.

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