WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 2018
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Prez moves to reassert control of troops
Journal Staff Report

KIEV, June 11 – In yet another indication of the political standoff challenging Ukraine, President Viktor Yushchenko on Monday suspended a government resolution that had been seeking to prevent him from taking command over the Internal Ministry’s troops.

Yushchenko, apparently seeking to forcefully resolve a standoff with the government over his attempt to dismiss Parliament, cited national security concerns in ordering on May 25 some 30.000 troops technically under the command of the Internal Affairs Minister to be under his direct command.

Yushchenko’s move now to officially suspend the government’s countermanding resolution comes two weeks after a deal with Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych in which Yushchenko supporters signed statement they were resigning from Parliament to deny the body a quorum and facilitate its dissolution and early elections on Sept. 30.

The on-going dispute over control over the troops suggests that the parties are still far from reaching a compromise and marks the latest sign suggesting that fragile political deal between Yushchenko and Yanukovych over the early election may still collapse, analysts said.

Roman Zvarych, Yushchenko’s representative to Parliament, charged Monday that two key members of the government coalition, Parliament Speaker Oleksandr Moroz and Deputy Speaker Adam Martyniuk, have been seeking to derail the deal.

Zvarych accused Moroz of attempts to undermine the deal after the speaker had suggested that there might be no election on Sept. 30. Moroz apparently believes that some opposition lawmakers would quit their groups and not surrender their seats in Parliament, which means there wiould be no reason to dismiss Parliament.

“There is a signature of Moroz under the deal,” Zvarych said. “If he cannot implement commitments that he had undertaken, let him re-call the signature and show to the whole world who is the source of political instability in conflicts.”

Moroz’s Socialist Party, whose rating has plummeted over the past year to below 3%, apparently fears that it may fail to reenter Parliament after the vote, analysts said. (nr/ez)

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