SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2014
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EU envoy detects flexibility from Russia
KIEV, Dec. 17 - The European Union's foreign policy chief said on Wednesday that she and President Petro Poroshenko had detected signs of greater willingness from Russia to resolve the crisis in Ukraine's pro-separatist eastern territories, Reuters reported. 12:26 | More
Ukraine needs another $15 billion to weather storm, according to IMF
BRUSSELS, Dec. 17 - The International Monetary Fund estimates Ukraine needs another $15 billion in financing to withstand an economic crisis but the European Union has only limited capacity to help, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Wednesday, Reuters reported. 12:25 | More
Poroshenko calls for Ukraine Euro-Atlantic integration course
WARSAW, Dec. 17 - President Petro Poroshenko said on Wednesday he had decided his country should set out on a course towards Euro-Atlantic security integration, and would press for that in parliament soon, Reuters reported. 12:24 | More
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has met with Prime Minister of Poland Ewa Kopacz in Warsaw. The Head of State has expressed gratitude to Ewa Kopacz for the constant powerful support of Poland in the protection of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, countering Russian aggression and lobbying Ukrainian interests in the framework of the EU. (Photo by the president's press service)
Cabinet expecting Dec. 25 Parliament tax and budget approval
KIEV, Dec. 17 Ц The Cabinet of Ministers expects that the tax and budget package will be approved by Parliament on December 25, giving Ukraine to receive a new disbursement of $3 billion from the International Monetary Fund in early January, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing an interview with Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko. 12:23 | More
IN FOCUS More $ needed to avoid default, PM says
KIEV, Dec. 11 - Ukraine risks defaulting on its debt unless Western donors come up with more funds on top of the billions of dollars of financial aid already promised, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk said on Thursday, Reuters reported. 12:06 | More
PM to Russia: Don't put nukes in Crimea
BRUSSELS, Dec. 16 - Russia would violate international agreements if it placed nuclear weapons in Crimea, which it annexed from Ukraine, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk said on Tuesday, Reuters reported. 23:40 | More
Ukraine economy could fall 6% this year, according to official

Ukraine's GDP will register a 3% decline for H1 and could fall 6% this year, First Deputy Economic Development and Trade Minister Anatoliy Maksiuta said at a briefing in Kiev. He said that inflation this year could accelerate to 19%.More

Ukraine's economic decline accelerating

Ukraine's economic decline has accelerated as fighting between the army and pro-Russian separatists in the east took a heavy toll on industry and other economic activity in the last three months, Reuters reported.More

Hryvnia won't tank further this year, according to trade minister

Ukraine's Ministry of Economic Development and Trade is not expecting the further devaluation of the hryvnia and an increase in the rate of inflation growth in the current year, Minister Pavlo Sheremeta has said at a briefing in Kiev.More

1938 Sudetenland vs. 2014 Ukraine; West must act now

The West must not ignore Russia's ongoing attack on Ukraine because inaction will create a monster that will be able to destroy the Western civilization. Look at Germany's annexation of Sudetenland in 1938 for parallels.More

EU envoy detects flexibility from Russia
Ukraine needs another $15 billion to weather storm, according to IMF
Poroshenko calls for Ukraine Euro-Atlantic integration course
Cabinet expecting Dec. 25 Parliament tax and budget approval
Poroshenko pushing for Visegrad Group membership for Ukraine
Poroshenko hails quiet night in east as positive signal for peace plan
EU working on new restrictions against occupied Crimea, council says
Poroshenko thanks Biden for US Congressional action on Ukraine
International donors dissatisfied with Ukraine reform, NBU chief says
Ukraine death toll over 4,700, more than 10,000 wounded, UN reports
Ukraine will push for more EU sanctions against Russia, says envoy
Ukraine charges Russia with violating UN 'aggression' resolution
IMF team expected to wrap up technical discussions in Kiev this week
Poroshenko discusses Minsk compliance with German and French leaders
Send more money 'yesterday,' PM tells EU
US looking at further ways to help Ukraine, says State Department
Poroshenko and Australian PM meet with MH17 crash investigators
Prez rips India over Crimea leader visit
German and French leaders urge Poroshenko to press ahead with reforms
Kiev court of appeals releases Ukrinterengo chief from detention
Analysts predict sharp drop in Ukrainian steel export income
Visegrad Group to provide 410 scholarships for Ukrainian students
EnergoAtom considering increased use of Westinghouse nuclear fuel
NBU says it will fight against efforts to destabilize hryvnia
Metinvest receives permission to by Dnipropetrovsk coke plant
Russia's Gazprombank demands early $842.5 million Ostchem repayment
Household natural gas price may quintuple, says Naftogaz CEO
Ukraine urges EU to unlock major pipeline interconnector in Slovakia
Chevron warns Ukraine it may quit $10 billion shale gas project
Government revenues reported down 72.8% YTD in rebel regions
Vojany-Uzhgorod pipeline will boost Eustream, Naftogaz official says
Poll: Two-thirds of Ukrainians dissatisfied with their lives
Energy Community calls on Ukraine to remove natural gas restrictions
EBRD to lend Ukraine $200 million to upgrade Uzhgorod pipeline
EBRD names Lithuanian as Business Ombudsman for anticorruption drive
Ukraine power grid will be plugged into Europe in 2017, PM says
Decline in real Ukraine GDP accelerates to 5.3% in third quarter
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